Tips for Building Emotional Intamacey

Tip #1: Follow the five-minute rule.
Spend five minutes every day talking together about things other than the children, your relationship, tasks around the house, and work. Instead, discuss sports, movies and your goals and dreams for the future. You can do this on the phone or in person.

Many couples make the mistake of assuming that handling daily tasks or talking about work is communication. All couples need to have moments alone with each other to be thoughtful, share goals and feelings and consider life and its meaning.

Tip #2: Remember your differences.
Keep in mind that men and women differ in the link between sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy. In general, women need to experience emotional closeness to feel sexual; men experience emotional closeness as a result of sexual intimacy.

Tip #3: Compliment.
Remember to notice and compliment your partner. If not, partners get resentful and sad. No one should feel that his or her wonderful qualities are no longer noticed or given credit. Find one quality or behavior to compliment your partner on every day for the next week!

Tip #4: Explore New Activities.
Every relationship needs refreshing, so take some time and plan outings and new experiences with each other. When couples share new activities, it leads to emotional intimacy. Try taking a salsa dance class together or hiking up the mountains on a gorgeous afternoon.

Tip #5: Laugh.
Don’t forget to keep doing things that make your partner fun to be around. Smile and laugh together, which will put you in a good mood and foster emotional intimacy.