Help for Parents and Kids

Child Therapy / Family Therapy

When our core relationships are not fully meeting our needs and expectations it has the tendency to affect our relationships with others. I treat children ages 2-adult to help in remaining separate and healthy from the stressors of adults relationships.

Raising Children can be very rewarding yet at times emotionally exhausting. Children and families are faced with many transitions that can be overwhelming or stressful. I work with both children and their parents to minimize stress turmoil and tension. Together we are able to work towards strengthening the family relationships and to have a greater understanding of which techniques work best when interacting with each member. Overcoming these challenges and focusing on positive and joyful interactions will allow children to regain self-esteem, confidence, problem-solving skills and a greater sense of self. Parents will experience a reduction in frustration, stress and feelings of futility.

Children experience a variety of transitions and challenges that are very common yet may be lacking in the ability to smoothly and effectively assume these new roles. Some common transitions consist of new additions to the family or loss of a loved one, The onset of structured environments such as school, daycare or work, new expectations placed on them for behavior and self care, and emotions that are just too big for children to fully understand or be able to process.

I am also specialized in treating children with developmental and learning disabilities. Creativity and problem solving are great skills that can be used to help in overcoming barriers. I am able to provide parents with techniques and training on how to facilitate "Circles of Support"- opportunities for Inclusion (UMDNJ Designed Program).

Some techniques used when working with children consist of Play Therapy, Therapeutic Games and Resources that assist in the development of life skills and personal development.

Therapeutic Parent Coaching a nd Skill Training

Not all children respond to the same techniques. In addition they also do not come with handbooks. Parenting can be an often rewarding yet frustrating and confusing role. While parents are attempting to nurture and develop their children to their greatest potential there are often times of testing and conflict. I assist parents in identifying the techniques that work best for their family unit and with techniques they are in agreement and comfortable with. I possess a Specialization from Fordham University in Family and Child Therapy and am experienced and proficient in working with a variety of personalities. I focus on each child and parents strengths and assist in bridging the gap in communication. I especially enjoy working with the Spirited and Energetic Child's unique set of needs.

Divorce Transition Skill Building

Divorce in itself is painful enough for all parties involved. I teach the skills that help to defuse conflict and minimize additional discomfort. Through mutual respect and a sincere desire to unite in this transition in the return to yourself, additional pain can be avoided. Together we can address areas of concern and negotiate for individual needs in a manner that is productive and healing. Uniting to learn techniques for joint parenting as separate individuals will help in alleviating additional trauma for all involved.

Merging of Multi-Cultural/Multi-Racial/Non-Traditional Families

Families are no longer confined to the boundaries of traditional roles. We are comprised of various cultures, ethnicities and genders yet one common theme remains- love and commitment to each other. Together we can identify ways to blend together that allow for all members to remain true to who they are while supporting the bond they share together.

"Helping to turn the pain of two into the joy of one.. .."
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