About Melissa

 I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose office is located in Wesley Chapel (just north of Tampa). I am originally from New Jersey and have relocated to Florida 17 years ago.  I received my bachelors degree in Social Work from Monmouth University in New Jersey and my Masters in Social Work from Fordham University in New York City. It was at Fordham University that I earned a Specialization in Family and Child Therapy.

I have a strong personal commitment to working with couples. I believe it essential for couples to have supports available whether it is for issues that arise during dating, engagement or marriage. Relationships are hard work but they shouldn't be exhausting. One key question I have always found helpful is to ask yourself if having this person in your life offers more happiness or more pain. The reality is that issues will always arise in relationships. It is how we handle them and the role we play that determines whether or not the relationship is in our best interest.

 I believe that having been in relationships with the wrong people in the past is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we need to see or experience these types of partners to realize that person is NOT what we are looking for or what is really in our best interest so that when the right relationship comes along we have the objectivity to really value and treasure that relationship.

It is REALLY hard to believe that true love and deep honest commitment to someone exists if you have never experienced it, but to settle for anything less will only block you from the opportunity to truly know happiness, intimacy and fulfillment.

 Life can be confusing. I assist with decreasing anxiety, depression turmoil and confusion. Together we can identify ways in which your life and relationships can be more fulfilling, enriched and rewarding. I can assist in addressing and removing the barriers preventing you from a life and relationship filled with passion, satisfaction and richness.

"Helping to change the pain of two into the joy of one..."

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