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This is one of the toughest wounds to heal but it is possible. It is typically always a shock and devastation to find out your partner has been unfaithful to you. My victims of this type of pain are shattered to find out that their relationship was not as solid or strong as they had believed. The availability of cell phones and the Internet has made it much easier for partners to stray. I believe that there are several ways to overcome this devastation. Rebuilding a relationship with a solid foundation will enable you to experience a loving and trusting relationship. Affairs typically don't occur without their being some type of crack in the foundation of a relationship. Together we can determine what was lacking in the relationship and strengthen the core foundation to prevent a reoccurrence.


Infertility and Loss

Many couples dream of falling in love and starting a family. When Infertility occurs these dream may become shattered. The expectations placed on couples by society and themselves is very strong and can be overwhelming in the growing awareness that a problem may be occurring. Some individuals become angry with themselves or with others. For some once they begin to enter into the world of medicine life changes. They may feel like objects to be studied and tested and not two people who are deeply grieving the dreams and hopes they have shared. Their sex lives no longer are based on an expression of love but on a measure of success or failure in creating a child. Medical treatment may be painful and mentally consuming. Now add into the mix medications that may cause many uncomfortable emotional and physical reactions. Should treatment result in pregnancy, the fear may still continue with every twist and turn that something may be wrong and this may result in a negative outcome. In issues of Loss and Infertility there is often a great deal of shame and blame. Communication breaks down and intimacy is invaded in so many different ways. These areas are painful enough without having to unneccesarily suffer an additional loss - the loss of your marriage. I can help assist you in staying connected and supportive of each other while remaining intimate and focused on each other and what brought you both together in the first place.


Relocation and Adjustment

Life is full of change! It is the abilityto embrace the newness and differences we experience and not cling to what is familiar and comfortable that enable up to grow and blossom. Change can be scary and uncomfortable for many and to combine that with your partner's unique fears and uncertainties in this new environment  is a recipe for a breakdown in communication. There is a constant in this equation and it's the two of you. Learn to face these fears and adapt to this new life while nurturing each other and being respectful to each other's strengths and weaknesses. It's been said that "one door doesn't close without another door opening it's just the time in the hallway that is so difficult". Together we can make that time more productive and more exciting by removing many of the feelings of fears and isolation.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Couples

Hurt and sadness are universal emotions. I assist and embrace both traditional and non-traditional couples in their desire and pursuit of greater and more satisfying relationships. Together we can work towards removing the barriers of communication, issues of trust and disrespect to create the relationship you have always longed for. You can be happy and fullfilled in all aspects of your life.

"Helping to turn the pain of two into the joy of one.. .."
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