Marriage Therapy

 Communication, love and respect. I teach ways of communicating that open up opportunities for honest discussions done in a loving and supportive manner. Partners are able to reunite and rebuild the core foundations of a nurturing and supportive relationship. New and effective ways of problem solving and addressing life's challenges along with personal triggers are identified. Communication and team building can then develop in a style and manner that is comfortable and productive to both parties.

Stop hurting and start loving again. Statistics show that almost half of all marriages end in divorce. You don't have to be in that half. Painful situations and events may occur but that doesn't mean the relationship has to shatter and end in divorce. Learn to start trusting your mate and yourself again and work as a team to overcome these issues instead of allowing them to tear you apart. Evolve into a stronger and more connected couple. Use these negative experiences to gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner. Find the lesson hidden inside the pain and use it to become more committed and loving towards each other.

I specialize in Multi-Cultural Relationships and those that are struggling to learn how to best unite two strong individuals into one unified couple. By learning the skills of communication, identifying barriers of conflict, staying true to your core values and doing so in a loving and respectful productive way, you can enjoy the relationship you have always longed for.

Identifying differences along with similarities provides us with objectiveness and a willingness to learn. I assist in defusing areas of conflict so that positive communication and united problem solving can start to take effect. Fall in love with your partner all over again and return to what brought you together in the first while remaining true to what is really important to you both.

Pre-Marital Counseling

 It is so easy to get caught up in the romantic notions of a wedding and to be so involved planning for the big day that you forget to focus on planning for your future. Before my husband and I were married we were required to participate in pre-marital counseling and it was one of the most valuable wedding gifts we received! There were several topics we discussed such as money, children, parenting, careers, dreams, family and of course commitment and responsibility. 

One of the most useful tools we were given was when discussing communication skills. It was made clear to us that one of the biggest hurdles to communication was objectivity. Not everyone is raised the same and has had the same experiences growing up. We were encouraged to always remember that we should never expect someone to act or think in a particular way just because that is how we do and what we think is normal or understood. 

A great example of this would be a couple I had the pleasure to work with who came to me as a last attempt to save their relationship, because the bride didn't think the groom was as love in with her ,as she was with him and she wanted to call off the wedding. In working with this couple it became clear that this couple was very much in love but they just had two differnet style of communicating that love. 

She expressed her love by telling him all the time and showering him with love notes. He on the other hand would work two jobs without complaining so she could attend school and not have to worry about bills or the cost of the wedding. Once a week he would check the air in her tires, fill her car with gas and pack her a little lunch bag with her favorite treats to eat on the way to and from school. She based her idea of showing love by how she did and how she was raised. 

After taking a step back and removing her expectations she was overwhelmed by the amount of love she found in the ways he wanted to keep her safe, help her to have a stress free life, the ways in which he supported her love of education and many other actions that were occurring numerous times and on a daily basis. The wedding was back on and they just recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary and remain passionately in-love today.

"Helping to turn the pain of two into the joy of one.. .."
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